About Us

Paddle Boarding in Charleston

Charleston is a world-class paddle boarding destination and is a beautiful place to explore the Lowcountry’s expansive creeks and rivers.

Here is why

  • Because of the areas tidal basin, the landscape is constantly evolving with 5’-7’ tidal changes twice per day, revealing different habitats and ecosystems and providing a natural river to coast on.
  • We paddle with the tidal currents which allow the paddler to float along the surface of the water and view a wider landscape while not having to “go against the tide” or return “half way” through the trip…instead, we “ride the tide”!
  • When you join us for a tour, paddle boarding becomes multi-dimensional: it’s a fun, safe & easy activity…but it’s also an opportunity to experience Charleston from the vantage point of the water, connect with nature, and bask in the sun while getting moderate exercise…its’ a true mind-body-spirit experience!
  • We use only premium quality Bote brand boards and paddles. All equipment and life jackets are provided and we’ll do the work of transporting and carrying the boards for you.
  • If you’ve never been paddle boarding before, we want this to be a hassle free, memorable experience for you. Think of a concierge level experience…you just have to show up and paddle. We always start with an orientation of where we’ll travel and what you will see along the way, plus fundamental instruction.
  • Our paddle guides are experienced and knowledgeable of the areas and waters. Because of the constantly evolving tidal landscape, no 2 trips are identical. All of our trips are planned with current conditions taken in account (tide, wind, destination).

About Tracy Kinsinger

Tracy K.


Tracy has been a water sports enthusiast since learning to waterski at the age of five.  In high school as an Explorer Scout, he raced canoes in 100+ mile, multi-day competitions.

Tracy began paddle boarding 10 years ago in the Wando River. He decided to pair his experience as a diving instructor & guide with love of paddle boarding. He has been teaching and loving the sport ever since.

Tracy has lived on Charleston’s Daniel Island with his wife and 2 children since 2003.

Tracy’s Experience

  • During college, Tracy learned to windsurf, and after graduating in 1988 from the University of Oklahoma, he became a PADI & NAUI certified SCUBA diving instructor.
  • Tracy relocated to St. Croix, USVI to teach SCUBA diving.  He taught SCUBA for more than 3 years in St. Croix and Florida  for basic, advanced, rescue & dive-master certifications.
  • He has led groups of both resort and certified divers on more than 1,500 underwater ocean tours (including drift dives, walls, wrecks and night dives).


The Paddle Charleston Team

Join the team!

We started paddle boarding in the Wando River 10 years ago.

We quickly learned the “Ride the Tide” experience (one-direction paddling) provided an exciting and peaceful activity while taking in the beauty of the area. No having to battle the elements.

However, while paddle boarding is a great activity, the equipment is expensive, heavy, difficult to transport and bulky to store.

So, we established Charleston Paddle Board Tours & Rentals to allow more individuals the opportunity to have the best possible experience on the water without the investment/transportation/storage challenges of the equipment.

We’re confident you’ll want to join us over and over again and that you’ll want to introduce paddle boarding to your friends and family.

What a fabulous way to experience Charleston!  The scenic views, marshes and dolphin sightings made for a memorable day!  Not to mention a great workout.  Grab some friends and sign up for an experience that will leave you energized and smiling the rest of the days!

Rick Paddler